Driveway - Lanai - Patio Resealing

Driveway - Lanai - Patio   Resealing

Don't be fooled by the Companies offering "All in one day re-sealing" !!
They pressure wash your pavers, soaking them full of water
then apply a no-name sealer directly atop a water logged paver !!
This results in an ultra thin coat of cheap sealer that lasts LESS THAN A YEAR !

   TJ's Home Services LLC knows how to reseal your pavers properly !

   TJ's Home Services LLC will do the job right to ensure it lasts for years to come !

   - Pressure wash your pavers with special equipment & chemicals to remove mold, mildew & algae.

   - Wait a FULL 24hrs before returning to apply a sealer

   - Manually spray sealer atop, ensuring EVERY paver gets coated

   - BRUSH the sealer into your pavers using specialized tools to ensure deep paver penetration

   - We can offer a plain finish look, a high gloss wet look, or even tint your pavers a different color !

   - WE ONLY use the TOP brands of sealer, VALSPAR or THOMPSONS water seal on your pavers, not a water downed no name brand.  

- The result of our superior craftsmanship and know how gives you show room quality results for years to come !




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