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- Your one stop for Renovations, Remodeling & Repairs Commercial or Residential !

- Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader.

- At our company, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.

- With over 35 years experience, We can handle ALL your repairs and renovations, commercial or residential!

- Call or text us at 941-266-5021 Today and one of our highly skilled professionals will quickly respond to your needs

- Our skilled tradesmen have extensive experience in every area of the construction industry from your foundation to your rooftop !

- Our job isn't finished until YOUR happy and we're looking forward to working with you !


Why use TJ's Home Services ?

- With over 35 years experience, We can handle ALL your home repairs, nothing is too big or too small !
- Our skilled tradesmen have extensive experience in the construction industry.
- Our job isn't finished until YOUR happy !
- All TJ's Home Services personnel are drug and alcohol free.
- All of our employees are dressed in a professional manner while present and working on your property.
- NEVER any upfront fees or deposits.

Many homeowners will say that it is next to impossible to find a reliable, trustworthy, professional home repair/renovation Company with excellent references that aren't made up or posted by themselves on thier own website !
With TJ's Home Services team of skilled and experienced professionals to care for your home and our verified references on sites like that can't be made up, You need not go any further than your own neighbor to verify our expert care and craftsmanship.
There are a multitude of reasons why contacting TJ's Home Services is the best and only choice for anything that needs to be done at your home.

Local Business

TJ's Home Services is a local business with strong ethics and service standards. We have been in this industry for over 35 years, and are committed to serving you with the highest quality, friendly, reliable service you can be proud of.
We aren't a large network or franchise where our workers are constantly trying to pad your bill or charge you for repairs you don't really need because they get paid by commission.
We know your area, the different types of weather it experiences and are experienced in the type of repair required to ensure its done right the first time.

Worry-Free Experience

TJ's Home Services has served many Customers throughout the years, many are probably your neighbors. Why TJ's Home Services ? We believe in a responsive, professional approach to customer service and only have skilled technicians with an average 15 years experience in the construction industry. Our skilled tradesmen are are not only accountable to you but must pass TJ's Home Services own set of stringent requirements concerning thier skillset, ethics and worksite standards. Our tradesmen and technicians have a variety of skills for every types of work. We are the go-to people for homeowners who need reliable, skilled labor and expert quality to do the job correctly the first time. TJ's Home Services guarantees our work and it must pass our very own quality checks and inspections before it is even presented to you for your inspection !

Individual Attention

We aren't a large multinational or nationwide franchise that will send someone different to you each day, We are a small local business that will assign one of our skilled tradesmen to your job so you know who will be servicing you each and every day, Unlike other Companies that have several employees roaming around your home, we offer you an exclusive, personalized service when you hire TJ's Home Services, this allows us to give our Customers the individualized, exceptional personal service that they deserve.

Response Times

We strive to answer every single phone call as quickly as possible. Our systems are set up so that your call goes directly to the skilled technician closest in your area. This means you won't get a Companies customer service representative that doesn't know what they're talking about or making you false promises but a highly skilled and experienced individual who can answer your questions and usually give you a quote right over the phone !
If you need a quicker response you can Text us at 941-266-5021 and receive a reply within a few minutes, guaranteed !

Skilled and Equipped Service Technicians

TJ's Home Services technicians arrive in marked TJ's Home Services vans with a full set of tools and supplies for the job. We treat you and your home with respect and we leave your home clean when we're finished. TJ's Home Services technicians are highly trained, experienced individuals with extensive skills, so please feel free to contact us at 941-266-5021 for any repairs, Improvements or projects you may have.
For highly skilled and professional handyman services for your home or business needs, contact TJ's Home Services today at (941) 266-5021.

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